10 Great resources for free stock photos for commercial use

Here are 10 of the best free photo sites we’ve found for use without copyright concerns. A second before you start downloading images there, you may want to read and understand the copyright policies involved, what is permitted and what is forbidden within each of the directories. You can also find more information about this down here:

pixabay-logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Pixabay– One of the most popular and popular free photo repositories for downloading photos without copyright concerns. With over 710,000 images, illustrations, graphics, art and video. The images are organized into categories and you have a convenient search option in a wide variety of key phrases, domains and industries.

Unsplash-Logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונותUnsplash – Has become one of the best sources for royalty-free images that are free to use and commercial today. The Unsplash team constantly scans the existing network and presents us with the best images on its homepage. All images are open to the public and commercial use free of charge in accordance with the terms of the Unsplash license.The site presents a selection of artistic pictures of professional photographers, and under each photo will usually appear the name of the photographer. You have the ability to see the amount of liqueurs each image has and how popular it is. In addition, you can create a collection of favorite pictures for future use through the site.

LibreStock-logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

LibreStock – An interesting Israeli project that offers a free photo database in an impressive design, with more than 30,000 pictures under the CC0 license that allows you to make use of images for any use other than selling the picture. The uniqueness of this site is its technology; Is actually a search engine that scans images from about 20 different sites and provides you with the exact search.

life-of-pix-logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Life Of Pix-Free photo-copyright database With new, high-quality images that come up every week, downloading is straightforward and there’s no need to give credit. This is a repository created by LEEROY Creative Agency, and offers high resolution images for free and without restrictions on usage rights. Here too new photos are added to the database every week.

gratisography logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Gratisography-Free high quality images. The site belongs to the photographer Ryan McGuire, who was gifted with extraordinary talent for attention to detail. On the site you can enjoy a selection of artistic pictures that fit any field, the disadvantage is that there is no search option. But here, too, there is a new stock update every week added to the existing database.

libreshot logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Libreshot – Like The previous site, also this site belongs to the photographer, named Martin Vorl and allows the download of images for free without the need to credit.

pexels logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Pexels-A free photo site that allows you to search for images by color, popularity and so on. The images provided are of high quality, over 10,000 photos, all of which are free without credit

stocksnap io logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

io – A free image search site with a convenient user experience. In front of the homepage you can choose the most viewed images, download them many times and pictures that marked them the most.

kaboompics logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Kaboompics – Free image repositories offering a large selection of abstract images, urban images, landscapes, fashion, architecture, food and a host of other niches. Although the database is smaller than its competitors mentioned above, it contains unique images for specific niches and thus its significant advantage

NegativeSpace logo אתר חינמי להורדת תמונות

Negativespace– Locate free images without copyright, allowing for commercial or private use. All high resolution images, you can choose to search by image color, size and any other category.

Images and visual aids have always been a significant part of today’s digital world. That’s why it meets all of us at some point, especially when it comes to the content and marketing worlds. Although it is not always accessible and easy to obtain high-quality images with a wave of the hand. It turns out that the task challenges quite a few of us, since the possibility of self-photographing or purchasing images is not attractive to many. Another problem is finding good quality images with a license and permission for clear and unambiguous commercial use.

Fortunately, in recent years, downloadable, copyright-free photo sites have been established. And more for free!

So we dug and dug a variety of online photo repositories, and identified a selection of 10 great and free sites that offer free downloadable images without copyright. The databases presented above offer a convenient search option according to the surfer’s needs.

So why can not I use any picture we find on the web?

The simplest explanation is related to the intellectual property laws and what is known as “copyright” of the owners of the images and the rest or non-permission to use them. Each image has a creator, and not every image is open for public use without restrictions or conditions. For example, there are databases of images with permission to use, but a requirement to give credit to the owner of the image, for each picture separately. So if you have not created or purchased the image, it is protected by copyright and its use is a violation of the law.

The point is that the demand is not always clear, and usually not always visible and accessible to the image file, so many good people fall in this matter, and are even sued in court for copyright infringement.
Did you know that copyright infringement means that the owner of the picture can claim you tens or even hundreds of thousands of shekels today in Israel without the obligation to prove actual damage to the plaintiff?

Free downloadable images often turn out to be a complex blessing in disguise that you may want to carefully watch out for. The ease of errors and infringement violation with which this area can be mistaken, requires us to look at the subject carefully, and review the images and licenses at all times. It is also advisable to keep the licenses at hand, to protect ourselves from potential claims. Ask those who have received a letter of claim. More than often the lawsuits are common and expensive, and therefore this must not be taken lightly.